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Chinese American Film Festival 2012 - Huang Huilin

The USC U.S.-China Institute and the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture present a panel discussion on the film industry in China and its impact on the American market.
November 8, 2012

In 2011, the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture (AICCC) conducted a survey of international views toward Chinese cinema. The AICCC concluded that foreign audiences simply don't understand Chinese films and culture. To discuss this, AICCC selected five films that provided popular in China. At USC five AICCC scholars will discuss these films and other issues with American specialists.


Jointly established by Beijing Normal University and International Data Group (IDG) , the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture aims to introduce and disseminate Chinese culture worldwide more effectively and contribute to a harmonious world culture through solid, in-depth research and art works with Chinese characteristics by effectively integrating resources from Beijing Normal University, IDG, relevant government departments, enterprises, non-profit organizations and communities. 

Huang Huilin is the foundinng director of AICCC. She was the Director of the Film, Television and Theater Research Center of Beijing Normal University, a standing member of the Arts Education Committee of the Chinese Ministry of Education, chairperson of the Film and Television Education Committee of the Chinese Association of Higher Education, and Vice Chairperson of the Research Association of the History and Theory of Chinese Drama. As a senior professor at Beijing Normal University, Huilin Huang is the founder of the first Film Ph.D. program in China and the founding Chairperson of the School of Art and Communication of Beijing Normal University.


This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.

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