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China's Gaming and Esports Triumphs

June 15, 2023

China Leads in the Video Game Industry

China remains the world’s biggest video games market and producer of games. The most recent Niko Partners report notes that China produces 47% of mobile games global revenue and 39% of PC games revenue. In 2022, the country's video games market generated an astounding $46 billion, dwarfing film and all other entertainment. Though China’s population is aging and has begun to shrink, analysts expect gamers to total 730 million by 2027. For further insights on the Chinese video game market, explore this USCI newsletter delving into the profound impact of game industry giant Tencent and a discussion on esports market trends. Also check out another USCI newsletter on video game trends, and a US-China Today article on the rise of video games in China.

Inside China's Thriving Esports Culture

That Niko Partners report notes China’s thriving esports industry, which hosted 102 tournaments in 2022. Despite regulatory challenges, China’s market attracts both domestic and foreign companies. The esports sector is booming, something USC student Noah Christiansen examines in their recent US-China Today article.