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China earthquake relief -- options for corporations

May 19th list of urgently needed supplies.

May 19, 2008

Via the US-China Business Council, the Chinese embassy in Washington has put out the following request for assistance on May 19, 2008. Please see the embassy contact information provided at the bottom of the message.

List of Urgently Needed Medicines and Medical Equipment

(All medicines, medical equipment, and disinfection products should have prior registration in China.)

I. For Epidemic Prevention


FENDONA (alpha-Cypermethrin)
stratagem (Flocoumafen)
mobile sprayer
disposable protective clothing
protective spectacles
protective facial mask
acid-resistant gloves
chemical-proof rubber shoes

II. For Drinking Water Safety



chlorine disinfection tablets
large drinking water treatment units
folding drinking water containers
environment-friendly mobile toilets
residual chlorine detecting instruments
residual chlorine colorimetric boxes
effective chlorine testing paper
rapid water quality testing instrument

III. For Food Safety

ATP fluorescence testing instruments
rapid food safety testing instruments
rapid microorganism testing instruments
two-in-one thermograph for measuring temperature of the food surface and center
ultraviolet ray lumeter

IV. For Protection against Radiation

x and y ray survey meter
surface contamination detector
personal alarm dosimeter

V. Medical Items

1. Medicine
Tetanus Immunoglobulin

2. Appliances
operation kits
treatment table
portable operating table
electro cardiograph
gelfoam sponge
neck collar
fixing belt for shoulder, elbow, collarbone, forearm and rib
thigh and tibiofibula support
portable B-mode
orthopedic fixation screws
anesthesia machine
haemodialysis machine
bedside X-ray machine
orthopedic internal fixation devices (Kirschner needle, titanium rod and steel sheet )
orthopedic external fixation support

VI. Other Items

INMARSAT telephone

Embassy of the People's Republic of China


Mr. Yao Ming
Tel: (202) 797-2246

Mr. Jia Xiudong
Te: (202) 328-2562

Mr. Zhou Jingxing
Tel: (202) 745-6541

General PRC Embassy e-mail address for relief efforts: