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China as a campaign issue

What have the Democratic frontrunners said about China? We answer that in our new weekly newsletter. 

February 20, 2020
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Since Richard Nixon laid out his proposed policy toward China as part of his 1967-1968 campaign and eventually went there in 1972, how to best deal with China has been an important topic for candidates. The pattern has been that challengers criticize predecessors’ approaches and propose “getting tougher on China” or “getting the right balance on China.” With the Nevada Caucuses this weekend, here's what the six leading Democratic candidates have said about China.
The Common Ground
All have criticized China’s human rights record and all call for cooperation with China to battle climate change. Most call for working with allies to press for changes in Chinese economic policies and practices.  

Bernie Sanders (24% National Polling Average)

Joseph R. Biden Jr. (23% National Polling Average)
  • Critical of China’s practices in Xinjiang, supports putting more military resources in the region, and working with allies
  • Mobilize allies in trade talks with China
  • Threaten China to keep the Belt and Road Initiative green
Elizabeth Warren (14% National Polling Average)
Michael R. Bloomberg (10% National Polling Average)
Pete Buttigieg (9% National Polling Average)
Amy Klobuchar (5% National Polling Average)
  • Push legislation to review Chinese purchases of U.S. companies
  • Be clear and consistent in trade talks with China
  • Don’t oppose China’s rise, but don’t allow it come at the expense of the U.S. or others
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