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January 1, 2007

The USC U.S. - China Institute (USCI) is committed to improving teaching about China and the rest of Asia. Together with the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA), the U.S. Department of Education, college and university partners, and California school districts, we offer professional development seminars and workshops to help teachers bring more of Asia to their students. USCI is a NCTA national coordinating site.

Focusing on helping teachers address the California history, social studies, and language arts standards, we offer presentations on the history and culture of Asia, as well as discuss how Asian case studies can be used to explore a variety of issues. Seminars and workshops include discussions on American depictions of East Asia in film,  human rights in Asia, war and revolution, economic development and social change, and much more.

Fall 2014 Seminar at USC

Fall 2014 "East Asia and California" Seminar at USC (Deadline: Friday, August 8, 2014)

Past Professional Development Seminars for K-12 Educators

Summer 2014 Residential Seminar at USC

Teaching about Tiananmen Square, April 12, 2014

Summer 2013 Residential Seminar at USC

Spring 2013 NO-COST USCI/NCTA "East Asia since 1800" Seminar at UTLA (Los Angeles)

Fall 2012 NO-COST USCI/NCTA "East Asia from Origins to 1800" Seminar at UTLA

Fall 2012 NO-COST USCI/NCTA "East Asia since 1800" Seminar in Pasadena

Spring 2012 NO-COST USCI/NCTA "East Asia since 1800" Seminar at UTLA

Spring 2012 NO-COST USCI/NCTA "East Asia from Origins to 1800" Seminar at Pasadena

Half-Day Workshop at USC: Covering China - The Importance and Challenges of Getting It Right(Saturday, April 21, 2012)

Summer 2012 Residential Seminar at USC

NCTA Summer Study Tours to East Asia

2012 Summer Study Tour Announcement--Closed for Enrollment

Asia in the US and California Educational Standards

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Asia In My Classroom Web Forum

How are California teachers incorporating Asia-related materials into their classrooms?  Join our online discussion community and find out!

Teachers of all levels and subjects are invited to join our "Asia in My Classroom" forum. To become a registered user (enabling you to post to the board), please e-mail us your request along with your name, school, and the grades and subjects you teach.

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