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2012 Summer Study Tour to China and Taiwan Announcement

Information about 2012 NCTA Summer Study Tour to China and Taiwan.

December 3, 2014

The National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) invites alumni from 2001-2011* seminars in California to apply for the 2012 study tour to China and Taiwan. K-12 educators who have successfully completed an NCTA seminar coordinated by Stanford, UCLA, or USC are eligible to apply. (*Please carefully review the eligibility criteria on page 2 of the application.)

Selection for study tour participation is competitive. No more than 18 teachers will be selected. (See selection criteria on page 3 for details).

Led by Clayton Dube of the USC U.S.-China Institute (USCI), participants of the three week tour will visit several of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan’s most interesting destinations. The tentative itinerary includes several destinations in China (Beijing, Pingyao, Xi’an, and Chongqing) and Taiwan (Taipei, Tainan).

China and Taiwan share many cultural traditions and complicated histories. The two operate under different political systems and have developed distinct societies. There is immense trade and other exchange across the political boundaries. We will be examining all of this as part of the study tour. In each place, our group will explore historical sites, discuss the contributions of each place and its peoples to Chinese culture, and examine changes in contemporary life. In some places our emphasis may be on ancient history or the transmission of philosophical or religious ideas, while in others we will focus on family life, education, health care, and economic development today. We will meet with a variety of people who will share their expertise, experiences, and views.

Applicants should be prepared for an experience that will be primarily a group tour, but will also include some time for individual exploration. Accommodations will be double occupancy and will vary from university guesthouses to deluxe hotels.

Tentative tour dates are June 25 to July 12, 2012. Airline pricing may require us to adjust those dates, but we will not leave earlier. Teachers selected for the 2012 California NCTA study tour are required to attend both a weekend orientation on April 13-14, 2012 and a follow-up weekend orientation on September 15 to 16, 2012 at USC. Participants are also required to actively participate in a study tour-focused online discussion forum and complete a curriculum project due August 31, 2012 (revision due September 28, 2012). The application form includes the following information:

Study Tour Goals
Eligibility Requirements
Program Components
Program Expenses
Selection Criteria
Timeline of Important 2010 Dates
Application Guidelines
Participant Terms of Agreement
Letter of Recommendation Form

Please review the information included in the application form carefully. Additional study tour information will be posted in the “Asia in the K-12 Curriculum” section of the USCI website ( as it becomes available. For information about the program or application procedure, please contact:

USC U.S.-China Institute
(213) 740-1307 /

* Application Deadline: Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012 *

Click here to download the study tour application.