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Video: Screenings of Tiananmen Square

A series of discussions of what happened in 1989.

May 13, 2014

Screenings of Assignment: China - Tiananmen Square

April 17, 2014 at the University of Southern California

Wang Chaohua was a graduate student and a participant of the 1989 student-led protest in Beijing's central Tiananmen Square. She became an exile based in Los Angeles after the military crackdown 25 years ago. She then enrolled in Chinese studies program at UCLA, earning her MA and Ph.D degrees in modern Chinese culture and literature. She is now an independent scholar and a visiting lecturer in UCLA's Department of Asian Languages and Cultures. She edited a collection of translated texts by leading Chinese intellectuals, published with her own introduction under the title One China, Many Paths (Verso, 2003). The book won a Choice's Best Academic Title recognition. She has published in both English and Chinese essays on contemporary Chinese intellectual life and political analyses.


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Terril Jones is a longtime foreign and business correspondent. He covered Japan, France, north Africa and the United Nations for 15 years with The Associated Press, was a founding editor of Forbes Global magazine, was the Detroit-based automotive correspondent for Forbes and the Los Angeles Times, and was a Silicon Valley correspondent for the L.A. Times. In September he completed a three-year assignment in Beijing with Reuters covering Chinese businesses, domestic politics and foreign policy. He spent his 8th grade year at a Chinese school in Taiwan, and had numerous extended reporting assignments in China in the 1980s. He studied Chinese leadership studies at the University of Michigan for a year as a Knight-Wallace Fellow, and digital media for six months at Ohio State University as a Kiplinger Fellow. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and French. 


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April 23, 2014 at George Washington University

Dan Southerland spent 18 years as a foreign correspondent in Asia and is recognized as one of America’s most respected reporters on Asian affairs. He was The Washington Post’s bureau chief in Beijing from 1985-90, where he covered China’s economic reforms, political developments, human rights, and the Tiananmen Square uprising in June 1989. He also covered business and energy issues for The Washington Post’s financial section. He holds a B.A. degree from the University of North Carolina, an M.S. in East Asian Studies from Harvard University, and an M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University. He studied the Chinese and Japanese languages at Harvard.


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Jim Mann is a Washington-based author who has written a series of award-winning books about American foreign policy and about China. He is a former newspaper reporter, foreign correspondent and columnist who wrote for more than twenty years for the Los Angeles Times.  He is now an author-in-residence at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. Mann has also been a contributor to National Public Radio and to several magazines, including The Atlantic, The New Republic and The American Prospect. Mann was born in Albany, New York, and graduated from Harvard College. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife Caroline Dexter, who teaches classics at Howard University. He has a daughter, Elizabeth Mann, and a son, Ted Mann.


This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.

Other public screenings of Assignment:China -- Tiananmen Square:

May 9, 2014: Harvard University
Scheduled speakers: Roderick MacFarquhar, Carma Hinton, and Catherine Yeh

May 13, 2014: University of California, Los Angeles
Speakers: Wang Chaohua, Terril Jones, Jeffrey Wasserstrom, and Clayton Dube

May 19, 2014: University of Hong Kong
Speaker: Mike Chinoy

May 27, 2014: Harvard Club of Hong Kong/Yale International Alliance
Speaker: Mike Chinoy

May 29, 2014: European Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce, Taiwan
Speaker: Mike Chinoy

June 3, 2014: University of California, San Diego
Speakers: Susan Shirk, Tai-ming Cheung, Paul Pickowicz, Lei Guang and Clayton Dube

June 3, 2014: Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong
Speaker: Mike Chinoy
June 8, 2014: Newseum

June 25, 2014: National Committee for U.S.-China Relations
Scheduled Speakers: Dorinda Elliot, Jonathan Lowett, and Frank Upham

Assignment:China -- Tiananmen Square can be seen at our website and at our YouTube channel.