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Video: Peter Brack on Adventures in Media Entrepreneurship in China

Peter Brack, veteran media executive and now a venture capitalist, discusses lessons learned in two decades launching and running media enterprises in China and the rest of Asia.

February 20, 2015

This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.

Peter Brack, executive in residence at Mucker Capital, a seed stage venture fund, will discuss his experiences taking established media firms into new markets and launching China-focused companies. Assessing and seizing opportunities, developing partnerships, and navigating political and regulatory shifts are among the topics Brack will explore.

Peter Brack got his start in the media business through an internship. He went on to become a senior executive at Time Warner. He helped launch CNN and the Cartoon Network in Asia and served as Senior Vice President for Time, Inc.’s Asia magazine operations. He subsequently co-founded and led two China-focused media companies which are now listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The first of these, One Media Group, has five magazines and a mobile app in Hong Kong and publishes two monthly magazines in China. It went public in 2005. Brack’s second firm, Redgate Media Group, reaches more than 100 million people in China through its television and outdoor advertising. Redgate merged with a listed company in 2012. Now based in Los Angeles, Brack is an active member of the internet and digital media communities in Los Angeles, New York, and China. Brack serves on several internet and mobile-related boards and advisory boards, and is an early stage venture and private equity investor.