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USCI Conference in the Press

Press reports about "The Future of U.S. - China Relations" conference.

May 3, 2007

The USC U.S. - China Institute's inaugural conference on "The Future of U.S. - China Relations" on April 20-21, 2007 was extensively covered by Chinese language media outlets.

The television news report broadcast by KSCI can be seen at:
(coverage focuses on the opening panel on state to state relations)

World Journal (世界日报) coverage includes: (coverage of William Overholt's presentation) (pdf version) (coverage of June Teufel Dreyer's presentation) (pdf version) (coverage of Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy's keynote address, the Herbert G. Klein Lecture) (pdf version)

Sing Tao 星岛日报 also reported on the event: (available via, focuses on the opening panel) (pdf version)

AsiaMedia's James Paradise referred to conference presentations in his review of Susan Shirk's new book China: Fragile Superpower:   (pdf version)

Conference papers and presentations may be downloaded at:

Video from the conference will be available after May 7.