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Obama and China: Part 8 of Election '08 and the Challenge of China

Senator Barack Obama argues that cooperation with China is possible and necessary, but that the U.S.-China relationship is also plagued with serious problems epecially in the realm of trade. This segment of the USC U.S.-China Institute's documentary on China in the 2008 election looks at the issues highlighted by Obama and the policies advocated by his advisors.
October 6, 2008

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"I will also encourage China to play a responsible role as a growing power -- to help lead in addressing the common problems of the twenty-first century. We will compete with China in some areas and cooperate in others. Our essential challenge is to build a relationship that broadens cooperation while strengthening our ability to compete."
                                   Barack Obama, writing in Foreign Affairs, July/August 2007

Senator Obama has been critical of existing Chinese trade and currency practices. This segment includes the candidate speaking on China in Iowa and Pennsylvania and interviews with his principal China policy advisors.


This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.

Speakers in this segment include:


Jeffrey Bader, director, John Thornton China Center, Brookings Institution and advisor to Barack Obama; former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, Director of Asian Affairs, National Security Council, Assistant Trade Representative for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Kenneth Lieberthal, professor, University of Michigan and advisor to Barack Obama; former Senior Director for Asia, National Security Council

Please contact Clayton Dube at the USC U.S.-China Institute (1-213-821-4382 or with questions about the documentary and its themes or screening inquiries. The documentary is also available at the USC U.S.-China Institute’s channel at YouTube.