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The Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies at Tsinghua University

April 25, 2008

The Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (IUP), formerly known as the 'Stanford Center,' is now in its 10th year in Beijing on the campus of Tsinghua University. IUP was originally established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1963 and in 1997 relocated to its current site in Beijing.

IUP is the premier U.S.-sponsored Chinese language program intended for students who aspire to truly advanced competence, whether they be undergraduates, graduates, professionals, or established scholars.

IUP currently offers a 32-week Academic Year Program, a 16-week Semester Option, and an 8-week Summer Intensive Program. All programs are located on the Tsinghua University campus in Beijing. IUP continues to be the most intensive and cost effective Chinese language program available to intermediate and advanced students worldwide. Compared with other well-known language programs in Beijing, IUP remains the most economical program when considering its low teacher-student ratio and highly effective methodology. No other program guarantees a 1:3 teacher-student ratio for group classes and a one hour daily private tutorial for less than IUP's current program fees.

Some tuition waivers are awarded for the Academic Year Program and the Semester Option. Some students also obtain outside funding to attend IUP. Unlike most language programs where instructors are hired seasonally to minimize overhead expenses, IUP's instructors are hired for the long term. This provides a consistently high quality language program for serious students. All of IUP's instructors are trained in the IUP method and are properly mentored to deliver the best instruction available.

IUP's mission is to raise students' Chinese language proficiency to a level at which they can function independently in professional or academic careers. Recent IUP graduates who have chosen to pursue careers in China have proven that their IUP-acquired linguistic skills have enabled them to function successfully in such areas as business consulting, management, public relations, law, education and journalism. Prerequisites for IUP's admissions committee to review an application include the equivalent of two years of college level Mandarin by the application deadline.

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