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The collection includes treaties, speeches, and reports on a wide range of issues, including security, trade, human rights, civic organizations, law, intellectual property, and much more.
May 13, 2013

The USC U.S.-China Institute documents collection includes a wide range of government reports, speeches by leaders, treaties, and other materials. These are materials used by policymakers, journalists, and scholars in understanding the declared intentions of states, assessments of policies and practices, and expressions of hope. Some of the documents that have been in the news recently include the U.S. Defense Department’s assessment of China’s military aims and capabilities, China's government's statement on the functions of its military, reports on cyberhacking, and the official U.S. government review of human rights in China and the official Chinese government review of human rights in the U.S.

The documents collection includes public domain materials issued by governments or officials. We appreciate hearing about appropriate materials. Write to us at

Categories of documents include:

US-China: materials produced by one or the other about the other or about the relationship

For example: Congressional Research Service, “Understanding China’s Political System,” May 2012

Contemporary China: materials about China since 1949

For example: PRC State Council, “Diaoyu Dao: An Inherent Territory of China,” September 2012

Pre-49 China: materials about China prior to the establishment of the People’s Republic

For example: Treaty of Shimonoseki ending the Sino-Japanese war, 1895

US-Taiwan: materials focusing on the US-Taiwan relationship

For example: Dep. Asst. Secretary Thomas Christensen, “A Strong and Moderate Taiwan,” 2007

Contemporary Taiwan: materials about Taiwan since 1949

For example: China-Taiwan Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement, 2010

US-Asia: materials focusing on US relations with the broader region or with areas besides China or Taiwan

For example: Congressional Research Service, “The Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations and Issues for Congress,” 2013