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Chinese Internet Research Conference 2012: Maria Repnikova

Speaker at 10th Annual Chinese Internet Research Conference. The title of the presentation is "Frenemy: How Chinese Journalists Perceive the Internet.”

December 5, 2012

Maria Repnikova

University of Oxford

"Frenemy: How Chinese Journalists Perceive the Internet”

Maria Repnikova is Research Officer for the ESRC Project "UK-China-Africa Media Research Network". Maria is currently a doctoral student (Rhodes scholar) at Oxford's Department of Politics and International Relations, focusing on the issues of the press in China and Russia. She has received her Masters in Comparative Government from Oxford and holds a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. Her current research interests are: China-Russia comparative media politics; comparative media regulation and protections of the press; China's media assistance to Africa; theoretical research on non-democratic regimes.


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