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China-Related Student Groups at USC

September 17, 2007
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APASS features established programs in mentoring, orientation and leadership development, a rich and complex educational vision, strong partnerships within USC and in the wider APA community, and a historic support group of alumni and friends.
ADK is a service and social oriented organization that places strong emphasis on actively contributing to the Asian-American community as well as promoting sisterhood, unity, and pride. 
AABA is a distinguished student organization that maintains a professional outlook while being culturally integrated. The organization focuses on bringing together students with similar objectives in order to expand their opportunities through professional, educational, social and community events.
AACA aims to provide creative and professional opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level students interested in any aspect of the film industry. Specifically, AACA will focus on highlighting Asian cinema and culture to create awareness and appreciation.
The Asian American Journalists Association at USC is a proposed club that promotes diversity and inclusion for Asian American journalists at USC Annenberg. Committed to providing opportunity and support for Asian American students, both undergraduate and graduate, in the Greater Los Angeles Area. AAJA will align with the five aspects of a trojan — faithful, skillful, scholarly, ambitious and courageous. We are committed to bringing more people of color in newsrooms, hosting workshops, and providing leadership opportunities in the field of journalism and communication at USC.
AATP is a volunteer tutorial/mentorship program designed to benefit children in lower socioeconomic environments.
The Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) is dedicated to promoting the interests of Asian Pacific American students at USC Law on campus and throughout the greater legal community. By representing student interests to the SBA, Deans and professors, APALSA creates an environment that encourages our community to mature and excel. By developing our connections with our alumni family, national APALSA and NAPABA (National Asian Pacific American Bar Association) organizations, APALSA extends that representation nationally. Above all, APALSA promotes equality and social progress for the Asian Pacific American legal community here at USC Gould School of Law.
APAMSA promotes the health and well-being for APIA communities and individuals. Its goals stand behind current projects of youth mentorship, health fairs, Hepatitis B community outreach, cultural events, bone marrow drives, and research opportunities.
The mission is to promote Asian Pacific Islander cultural awareness and provide social support for the students in the USC School of Social Work. It serves as a vehicle for advocacy and empowerment in the greater Los Angeles community with a focus on the Asian Pacific Islander perspective. This is accomplished through community service, solidarity, professional development, leadership and collaboration with other organizations. 
Association of Chinese Students in Engineering
The purpose of ACSE is to prepare scientists, engineers and technologists for success in the global business world, celebrate diversity on campuses and in the workplace, and to provide opportunities for members to make contributions to their local communities. ACSE membership is open to men and women of all ethnic backgrounds.
Bamboo Offshoot is USC's only Asian Pacific American student-run newspaper on campus. It is published quarterly, the paper is always looking for new writers, photographers, business people, graphic designers, layout editors to cover all topics from USC APA-related events and clubs/organizations to events currently happening in local APA communities.
Chaotic 3 is a Hip Hop team based out of the University of Southern California, committed to the betterment of its members through the art of dance. Originally founded in 1998 as an artistic outlet for members of the Chinese American Student Association, Chaotic 3 strives to foster team and individual growth, as well as a family atmosphere, for both new and veteran dancers alike. As an organization, Chaotic 3 stresses discipline, challenge, and professionalism, while maintaining an inviting environment in which its members can thrive. Chaotic 3 continues to gain recognition in the dance community for its high level of performance and commitment to its historical roots.
Chinese American Student Association (CASA)
CASA strives to promote cultural awareness, service the Chinese and Asian-American community, and encourage social activity amongst its members. A few of these functions include the Annual Chinese American Culture Show, community service events, the Annual Winter Retreat, and the numerous activities planned with neighboring universities. 
USC Chinese English Language Exchange is a student run organization that promotes mutually learning Mandarin and English in a fun educational environment.
The University of Southern California Chinese Student Association is a non-profit student organization aimed at helping students in both academic and social life in Southern California. USC CSA also encourages cultural interactions between different ethnic groups in the community. The USC Chinese Student Association has no political pursuit in any means.
Chinese Students and Scholars Association USC (CSSA)
USC中国学生学者联谊会,USC Chinese Students & Scholars Association,简称CSSA,是一个非盈利、非政治、非宗教的自治性学生学者义务服务团体我们致力于帮助南加州大学中国学生解决学习和生活 中的问题,丰富同学们的课余生活, 以及展示和发扬中国传统文化。经过数代CSSA人的努力, 我们形成了成熟、高效的活动组织架构, 成功举办了很多深 受同学们喜爱的文体活动。例如:中秋晚会, 新年晚会,歌手大赛,篮球对抗赛等等
Gamma Epsilon Omega
Established in 1963 by 9 founding brothers, USC Gamma Epsilon Omega is the first Asian-interest fraternity established in Southern California, and currently the second oldest in the nation. With nearly 50 years in existence and over 500 men as alumni, Gammas have a rich history characterized by pioneering and shifting the standards for Asian Greek life. In 1982, Gammas, led by President Mitchell Lew, founded the Southern California Asian Greek Council (SoCal AGC), which has grown to become a distinguished and highly influential governing body currently consisting of 17 prominent Asian-interest fraternities and sororities from various colleges throughout the SoCal region.
The purpose of this organization is to provide a strong and liberal platform for USC students Chinese and Non-Chinese alike, to engage in performance art of Chinese language, to help bring the diverse communities of USC together, and to deepen our cultural understanding of different ethnic group.
GABS is committed to providing our members with networking opportunities with Asian business leaders and alumnae from all industries and functional areas. It serves as an information source for individuals interested in pursuing career opportunities in the Pacific Rims. 
Graduates Studying East Asia (G-Sea) is the organization of students at the University of Southern California who work on East Asia. Affiliated with the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, it is the support and events community for graduate students. Its mission is to explore and promote academic and career issues related to the field of East Asian Studies, and to help those interested in the field to get to know one another better outside the classroom and library.
HKSA strives to connect USC students who are interested in Hong Kong culture and provide them with a home away from home.
The Medical Chinese group of medical students interested in providing culturally-competent services to Chinese and Chinese-American patients.  It meets regularly throughout the school year to learn basic medical terminology and how to interview a patient in Chinese. Events throughout the year include lunchtime language lessons (Mandarin, Cantonese) with food, conversation labs, and social events. Anyone is welcome, especially those with no Chinese background.
Taiwanese American Organization at the University of Southern California was founded in 1995 as a social and cultural club that welcomed all USC students of all cultures. TAO takes the role of integrating the Taiwanese culture with students of differentiated cultural backgrounds and expanding the knowledge about Taiwan and its culture.
Taiwanese Student Assocation (TSA)
The Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) serves to increase the awareness of the rich culture and heritage of Taiwan, and Taiwanese students at USC.
Sigma Phi Omega
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Sigma Phi Omega Sorority, Inc., was founded at the University of Southern California in 1949 and is the oldest continuing Asian-American interest sorority. Originally established as a social organization for Asian-American females in a time when there was much anti-Asian sentiment, it has since grown into a sisterhood, bounded by love and strength, spread throughout universities in both the states of California and Texas.
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The USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association connects and supports USC alumni of Asian Pacific origin/descent (encompassing ethnicities from Asia and the Pacific Rim) with the university and one another lifelong and worldwide through meaningful and relevant programs.
USC US-China Today
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US-China Today is a student-driven publication of the USC U.S.-China Institute. Like the Institute, the magazine focuses on the multidimensional and evolving U.S.-China relationship and on significant trends in contemporary China. The magazine offers coverage of and commentary on a wide range of political, economic, social, and cultural issues.
Founded in 2005, the University of Southern California Dragon Boat team is one of the most competitive collegiate teams in the state and is entirely student-run and self-supported. The club team aims to promote power, technique and endurance by practicing on the water every Saturday and Sunday morning and working out every Tuesday night. In addition to attending scheduled practices and workouts, team members often spend time at the gym with their “workout buddies” or bonding at social events. All hopeful paddlers, whether beginners or veterans, are welcome!
The Student Coalition for Asian Pacific Empowerment, also known as SCAPE, is a student organization at the University of Southern California that advocates for the Asian Pacific American community within and outside the university. SCAPE is dedicated to educating ourselves and other USC students about Asian Pacific American issues through community involvement and advocacy.
USC Traditional Chinese Dance is the first Chinese dance group at the University of Southern California. We hope to explore, promote, and educate the public about Chinese culture and Chinese traditional and folk dance by performing at events on and off campus in the Los Angeles area.
ACSAA is dedicated to creating a strong and dynamic professional network to help its members accomplish their career goals in the future.
USC Wushu is a Chinese martial arts club at USC. We perform off-campus independently and on-campus with other groups - exhibiting longfist & weapon forms.