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报导中国(美国记者关于中国):一个时代的终结 (Assignment: China - End of an Era 中文字幕版)

December 1, 2017

After the Nixon opening (1972) and before Mao's death and the fall of the Gang of Four (1976), American news organizations began to get greater access to China. This segment in the Assignment:China series focuses on the challenges journalists faced and what they were able to accomplish during reporting trips and their continued overall reliance on the techniques of China-watching from Hong Kong.

观看 “中国牌:政治与政策”南加大美中学院十周年会议

October 29, 2016

观看 “中国牌:政治与政策”南加大美中学院十周年会议。本次会议在2016年9月29日于南加州大学丽笙酒店举办。

解析中国之旅– 观看南加大美中学院关于美国记者报道中国完整系列纪录片

June 1, 2016

我们从何了解中国?大多数美国人对中国的了解来自于新闻报道。系列纪录片《解析中国之旅》  聚焦这些报导中国自1940年以来巨大变化的新闻记者。这些报道包括历史中影响最深远的两个时刻,1972年尼克松访华和1989年天安门抗议事件。

解析中国之旅 -天安门广场

May 31, 2014


报导中国(美国记者关于中国): 看中国 (Assignment: China - China Watching 中文字幕版)

February 24, 2014

南加州大学美中学院的这段影片记录了1949年至1971年为美国新闻媒工作的记者的成果.当时, 绝大多数美国人并不能访问中国. 虽然一些为美国媒体报道,非美国国籍的记者还是设法进入中国,其中大部分只能从香港远眺当时的中国正在发生什么.

报导中国(美国记者关于中国):改变世界的一周 (Assignment: China - The Week that Changed the World 中文字幕版)

January 31, 2012

Richard Nixon described his 1972 trip to China as "the week that changed the world." This segment in the USC U.S.-China Institute's series on American reporting on China focuses on coverage of that historic summit.

报导中国(美国记者关于中国):开放 (Assignment: China - Opening Up 中文字幕版)

November 21, 2011

Segment of U.S.-China Institute's new documentary project Assignment: China 美中学院最新纪录片-解析中国之旅-开放/报导中国-开幕节选 This segment focuses on 1979-1983, when diplomatic relations were established and American reporters could be based in China.


May 8, 2007



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