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USC in Shanghai & Beijing

November 13, 2017

The USC in Shanghai & Beijing Program is offered during the summer semester. This program gives students the opportunity to improve their language skills, learn about China's culture and history, and gain valuable international experience by living in two of the world's most rapidly progressing cities. Students complete one level of Mandarin during the four-week program or two levels of Mandarin during the eight-week program. All students receive USC course credit and can seamlessly transition to the next level of Chinese upon their return to USC. Smaller class sizes provide greater personal attention and enable students to more quickly improve their Mandarin proficiency.

In addition to the daily classes, the curriculum includes one-on-one speaking sessions with trained local TAs. Homework consists of useful assignments such as interviews with locals to improve speaking skills. Shanghai has rapidly grown into China’s second largest city; it is a hub for fashion, culture, and finance and is an exemplary of the country’s modern architectural boom. Students will experience firsthand Shanghai’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, including European architecture along the Bund, shopping on Nanjing Road, and viewing the astonishing skyline of the Pudong district.

Shanghai is only a short train ride away from many important historical sites, such as Nanjing and Hangzhou. While Shanghai has its distinctive charm, Beijing is China’s largest city and is the center of its political and educational communities. Here students enjoy sightseeing China's most famous ancient and modern attractions, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Peking Opera, and Olympic Park. To have close access to the Chinese college cultures, students of our program will live and attend classes on campus at the local universities. Excursion fees will be included in the tuition, which covers the traveling expenses to other cities and places. Fun co-curricular activities include language exchange, Chinese table, Tai-Chi, Chinese painting classes, Chinese singing contest at a karaoke club, and so on. As a result, our students often form wonderful friendships with their fellow students in the program, locals in China, and other foreign exchange students who have come to Shanghai and Beijing to study Mandarin. Fully immersed in Chinese language and culture, students will experience a new lifestyle in a completely different part of the world and significantly improve their Mandarin proficiency at the USC Shanghai and Beijing Program.

2018 First Information Session: GFS 114 10/19 at 1PM 

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