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Van Gogh on Demand, Winnie Wong: Berkeley Book Chat

Professor of Rhetoric Winnie Wong specializes in the history and present of artistic authorship, with a focus on interactions between China and the West. Her book, Van Gogh on Demand: China and the Readymade (University of Chicago Press, 2014), explores contemporary art in the world's largest production center for oil-on-canvas painting, Dafen village, China.

Leadership Change in China: Its Effects in East Asia and Relations with the U.S.

George Washington University hosts a discussion with Mr. Christopher Johnson on post-18th Party Congress China and the changes that will affect the United States and other nations in East Asia.

Sino-U.S. Colloquium VIII U.S.-China Relations: Beyond the Current Distrust

George Washington University's Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies hosts the Sino-U.S. Colloquium VIII to discuss the current state of the U.S.-China relationship.

China’s Growing Protectionism and the U.S. Response

In 21st Century China Charter's Fifth Annual Robert F. Ellsworth Memorial Lecture, Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky will address China’s growing protectionism and how the U.S. is responding.

Renminbi Internationalization - and regulation - and what it means for Western financial markets

The University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Contemporary China will host Chris Brummer, Professor and Director of the Institute of International Economic Law and Georgetown University, for a public talk.

China Reality Check: The Trump-Xi Mar-a-Lago Meeting: Expectations and Implications

Join CSIS for a discussion in anticipation of the likely meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago in early April. This gathering will be an important milestone and help set the tone for the relationship in the years ahead. Although the meeting has not yet been officially announced, CSIS believes that a serious discussion and analysis is warranted given the uncertainty at this juncture and potential trajectory of the relationship.

China at the Center: Rare Ricci and Verbiest World Maps

The Asian Art Museum presents an exhibition of maps in an exploration of how China was geographically imagined.

2018 Asia Pacific Business Outlook Conference

The USC Marshall School of Business and the U.S. Department of Commerce present the Asia Pacific Business Outlook Conference for business leaders looking to expand their business in Asia.

China Week 2016: California - China Business Summit

CHINAWEEK is an annual, week-long series of events across the Los Angeles region featuring cutting edge speakers and activities highlighting US-China relations across a variety of sectors including arts & culture, business, education, entertainment, environment, science & technology, public affairs, tourism, and philanthropy.



September 26, 2019 - 6:00pm
Los Angeles, California

The USC U.S.-China Institute and the Asia Society Southern California present a talk with Robert Koepp, the Hong Kong Director of The Economist Corporate Network, about the implications of the latest developments in Hong Kong.

October 3, 2019 - 4:00pm
Los Angeles, California

The USC U.S.-China Institutes presents a book talk with Klaus Mühlhahn. Making China Modern provides a panoramic survey of China's rise and resilience through war and rebellion, disease and famine. At this event Professor Mühlhahn will focus on the lessons from history that provide insight into China's evolving international position and how the United States and others should respond.