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Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty

The EMP Museum at Seattle Center presents an exhibition that explores the Japanese and now global icon, Hello Kitty.

Visions of Gothic Angels: Japanese Manga by Takaya Miou

The Honolulu Museum of Art presents an exhibit on female identity in manga through the art of Takaya Miou.

LRCCS Film Series | Four Songs of "Exile": Independent Chinese Filmmakers Far From Home

The University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies presents a film series by three independent Chinese filmmakers: Ying Liang, Wang Wo, and Cui Zi' en.

Digital East Asia: Emerging Trends in Public Policy and Regulation

USC East Asian Studies Center is proud to announce a new symposium series on the “Interdisciplinary Study of East Asian Business.” The first symposium will focus on the question of “Digital East Asia” with a broad understanding of the role of business as related to the digital world.

What it takes to be a smart China watcher

Join the George Washington University Global China Connection as it hosts Bill Bishop and Kaiser Kuo to discuss what it takes to be a smart China watcher.

South China Sea Dispute - What Happens Next?

National Press Club Panel Discusses the Economic, Security and Legal Considerations, Reviews Satellite Images

When Netizens Meet Party Leaders: Escalating Control of Internet and Social Media in China Since 1987

The talk will show political and social cases on how the Chinese leaders and netizens use the internet to meet their different purposes. 

JapanAmerica: Points of Contact, 1876–1970

Cornell University's Johnson Museum of Art presents an exhibition highlighting Japan-America exhibition exchange.

Strongman Leaders and Digital Media

What role does digital media play? A buffer against corruption? A platform for causes? An arena for discourse? A tool for propaganda?


Morley Safer, 1931-2016 -- Reported from China during the Cultural Revolution

The famed 60 Minutes journalist passed away May 19. Safer, a Canadian, and posed as a tourist in 1967 to gain entry. His report for CBS, Morley Safer's Red China Diary, was broadcast in 1967. He spoke with USCI about the experience for Assignment:China.



January 17, 2019 - 4:00pm
Los Angeles, California

One of the most influential modern Chinese writers and the author of Lust, Caution, Eileen Chang passed away in Los Angeles in 1995. After her death, Dominic Cheung, Professor Emeritus at USC, took care of her sea burial in San Pedro and set up the Eileen Chang Special Collection in the East Asian Library at USC in 1997. Cheung will discuss these experiences as a part of the lecture series titled Los Angeles and Shanghai: The USC Nexus.

January 24, 2019 - 4:00pm
Los Angeles, California

Please join the USC U.S.-China Institute for a book talk with journalist and author Leta Hong Fincher. Betraying Big Brother is a story of how the feminist movement in China against patriarchy could reconfigure the country and the rest of the world.