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Spring 2007 Palos Verdes Participants

January 1, 2007
Teresa Beisel Ridgecrest Middle School
Alex Broughton Palos VerdesHigh School
Barbara Brown Lunada BayElementary School
Becky Jo Cash Pt. VicenteElementary School
Pao Yang Chang Lunada BayElementary School
Cindy Damon Palos VerdesHigh School
Haydee Del Valle Palos Verdes High School/Intermediate School
Shin Chi Fame Kao Palos VerdesHigh School
Lea Frlekin Palos VerdesHigh School
Elzbieta Gant Pt. VicenteElementary School
Alex Harter Ridgecrest Middle School
Stephanie Lajoie Ridgecrest Middle School
Carole O'Neill Palos VerdesIntermediateSchool
Susan Pavelka Gregg Palos VerdesHigh School
Cathy Rieder Ridgecrest Middle School
Christine Schumacher Palos VerdesIntermediateSchool
Kate Schumacher Ridgecrest Middle School
Bev Smith Lunada BayElementary School
Tadashi Suzuki Palos VerdesHigh School
Jewell Lee Toombs Palos VerdesIntermediateSchool
Christina Varela Palos VerdesHigh School
Kathryn Walsh Pt. VicenteElementary School
Michael Wanmer Palos VerdesIntermediateSchool
Aileen Willoughby Palos VerdesHigh School
Zhang Yongmin Lunada BayElementary School


December 14, 2019 - 9:00am
Pasadena, California

Longtime instructor Guang-Li (David) Zhang, a graduate of the Shanghai Art Academy teaches beginner and advanced students Chinese Calligraphy in mixed lecture and workshop classes.