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Cheung, Dominic 張錯

East Asian Languages and Cultures and Comparative Literature

Contact Information
Professor Emeritus 
Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
Office: THH 356T
Phone: (213) 740-3708

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D. (Comparative Literature), University of Washington, 1974
  • M.A. (English), Brigham Young University, 1969
  • B.A. (English Literature), National Chengchi University, Taiwan, 1966

Description of Research
Summary Statement of Research Interests
Professor Cheung researches East-West literary relations, visual culture, comparative poetics and contemporary Chinese literature. Under the pseudonym Chang Ts'o(Zhang Cuo), he is also a professional poet who has published 18 collections of modern poetry in Chinese.

Research Specialties
modern and classical Chinese literature, Chinese cultural studies and art

Selected Publications:

  • Cheung, D. C. (2014). Chinoiserie and China Trade. Taipei,: The Artists Publisher.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2012). Authenticating Art by Styles. Taipei, Taiwan: Artists Publisher.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2011). A Reader’s Guide to Western Literary Terms. (Vol. 2nd Edition). Taipei: Bookman.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2011). Clovers--Selected Poems. Taipei, Taiwan: Bookman Publishers.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2010). A Heart for Porcelain--from Monochrome Wares to Famille Rose. Taipei,: The Artist Publisher.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2008). As Grandiose as the Ru Wares--Essays on Chinese Bronze, Porcelain and Paintings. Taipei: The Artist Publisher.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2008). On Things, Collected Poems. Taipei: Bookman Press.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2008). In Search of Chang-an---A Cultural Travelogue. Taipei: San-Min Publishing Company.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2006). From Steppes to the Central Regions: A Study of Mongolian Trousses. Taipei: Tongshan Press.
  • Cheung, D. C., Ueda, translator, T. (2006). A Song of Gaze (poetry in Japanese translation). Tokyo: Shishosha Press.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2002). The Exiles and Native Sons: Modern Short Stories from Taiwan. Taipei: National Translation Center.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2002). Matteo Ricci in China and Other Essays. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2000). A Rendezvous with Literary Criticism. Shanghai: San-Lien Bookstore (Joint Publishers).
  • Cheung, D. C. (2000). Drifting (Selected Poems in English translation). Kobenhaven and Los Angeles: Green Integer Press.
  • Cheung, D. C. (1987). The Isle Full of Noises: Modern Chinese Poetry from Taiwan. New York: Columbia University Press.

Book Chapters

  • Kimberly Besio & ConstantineTung (ed.). Essential Regrets:The Tragic Consciousness in Three Kingdoms. State University of New York Press, 2007. 15-26

Conference Proceedings

  • Cheung, D. C. (2007). "Lyricism and Realism: The Major Trends of Development in Modern Chinese Poetry". 978-9628930-814. pp. 251-265. Hong Kong/Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The Destiny of History: Modern Chinese Literature.

Journal Articles

  • Cheung, D. C. (2013). "The Cultural Vision of Pith-Paper Paintings" . New Perspectives in Chinese Culture. (No.11), pp. pp.135-139.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2012). "Nautilus Cups and Tavern Maids—A Study of the Material Culture in Tang Wine Drinking and Its Foreign Influences". Journal of Oriental Studies. Vol. vol.45 (no.1&2), pp. 121-142.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2011). " Kendi and Kundika from China and Southeast Asia". The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2010). The Wu School and Garden Painting Albums---Shen Zhou’s East Village Album and Wen Jingming’s Clumsy Politics Garden Album". The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art. (327), pp. 74-85.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2010). " Mundane Landscapes --- Cultural Content of the Chinese Gardens". The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art,. (322), pp. 108-117.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2009). "Grapes or Pearls?---Hsu Wei (1521-1593)’s Monochrome Paintings ". The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art. (312), pp. 16-25.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2008). Five Dynasties, or Song-Liao? A Reconsideration of the Two Anonymous Paintings ----"Deer in the Autumnal Woods" and "Fawns in a Red Maple Forest". The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art. (306), pp. 14-27.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2007). "Module Systems and Song Plain Bronze Mirrors". The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art. (295), pp. 68-77.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2007). "Modules Determine Style: Study of 14th Century Yuan Blue and White Porcelains in the Tokapu Palace (Istanbul) and the Ardebil Shrine (Tehran)". The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art. (291), pp. pp. 20-29.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2007). "Cultural Hybridity: Exotic Glazes of the Cizhou Kiln Wares". Bulletin of The National Museum of History. (164), pp. 33-49.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2006). "Diaspora and Military Personnel Village Writers in Taiwan". Comparative Literature in China. Vol. 4, pp. 49-63.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2006). "Textualizing the Visual: One Mirror or Five Mirrors---A Study of "An Ancient Mirror" in Tang Chuanqi genre". The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art. (277), pp. 80-91.
  • Cheung, D. C. (2005). "The Development of the Sabres and Bows in Chinese Armory and Culture". Bulletin of the National Museum of History. (147), pp. 56-67.

Magazine/Trade Publications

  • Cheung, D. C. "Buddhist or Islamic? The Origin of Kendi and their Trade Regions" July, 2013, Hong, Kong,. Ming Pao Monthly. pp. pp.55-60.
  • Cheung, D. C. "Glass Eye Beads---from the Warring States to Sui-Tang China" , an article in 3 parts. Art Collection +Design. Vol. July, August, Sept issues

Multimedia Scholarship and Creative Works

  • Clovers--Poetry Collection, A collection of 43 poems published by the Bookman Publishers, Taipei, 2011-2012    

Honors and Awards

  • Alpha Lambda Delta Certificate of Appreciation, 2009-2010