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Video: Wei Yen Discusses How Culture Can Affect Investments

October 27, 2017

 Wei Yen (厳序纬), author and veteran businessman, examines Chinese outbound investment and how American businesses can take advantage of China’s rise to forge win-win partnerships.  

Guobin Yang Discusses His Book "The Red Guard Generation and Political Activism in China"

October 23, 2017

Guobin Yang examines the factional violence in the Red Guard movement and the rise of a new wave of protest that inaugurated the democratic movements of the reform era.

Video: Lenora Chu on China's Education System

October 19, 2017

Lenora Chu explores what takes place behind closed classroom doors in China's education system. Chu’s eye-opening investigation challenges assumptions and considers the true value and purpose of education.


Video: Han Dongfang on Labor Activism in China

October 18, 2017

Han Dongfang, founder and director of the China Labour Bulletin, discusses the current state of labor activisim in China following the screening of We the Workers

Bank Chief writes about “the myths and misunderstandings of the US-China trade relationship”

October 12, 2017

Dominic Ng 吳建民, chairman and chief executive officer of East West Bank 華美銀行 and a USC trustee, shares his views. 

Lon Kurashige Discusses His Book "Two Faces of Exclusion: The Untold History of Anti-Asian Racism in the United States"

October 3, 2017

Lon Kurashige's new book argues that exclusion-era policies were more than just enactments of racism; they were also catalysts for U.S.-Asian cooperation and the basis for the twenty-first century's tightly integrated Pacific world.

Doug Fuller Discusses His Book "Paper Tigers, Hidden Dragons"

October 2, 2017

Douglas Fuller's book provides an in-depth longitudinal study of China's information technology industry and policy over the last 15 years. 

John Pomfret Discusses His Book "The Beautiful Country And The Middle Kingdom"

September 29, 2017

John Pomfret's new book examines the remarkable history of the two-centuries-old relationship between the United States and China, from the Revolutionary War to the present day.

NYC World Premier of "Face of a Nation: What Happened to the World's Fair?"

September 29, 2017

Senior Lecturer Mina M. Chow, AIA, NCARB is world-premiering her feature documentary FACE OF A NATION "What Happened to the World's Fair?" on November 3-4, 2017 at the 9th annual Architecture and Design Film Festival (ADFF NY) in New York City.