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Video: Academic Input and China’s Foreign Policy Making

September 10, 2014

Professor Ren Xiao from Fundan University discusses ways in which the academic and policy research community can impact China's foreign policies.

Assignment: China - USCI's series on American reporting on China

Photo by Jim Laurie.
May 31, 2014

How do we know what we know about China? The images most Americans hold of China were shaped by news coverage. Our multipart documentary series Assignment: China focuses on the journalists who have described the remarkable changes in China since the 1940s. Two of the most influential moments in this history were the Nixon visit in 1972 and the Tiananmen demonstrations of 1989. The correspondents interviewed for the series have helped news consumers understand how China's opening up and subsequent economic rise have reshaped the world. 

Taiwan opposition voices on cross-strait services agreement and more

May 20, 2014

Lin Fei-fan, one of the Sunflower Movement leaders, and Joseph Wu, member of the Democratic Progressive Party and a former chief representative of Taiwan to the United States, recorded videos for the symposium.

Taiwan Pres. Ma Ying-jeou on Cross-Strait and US Ties, Followed by Los Angeles Discussion

May 1, 2014

Via video, Ma spoke to CSIS and other centers. His presentation and discussion was followed by analysis and commentary from Los Angeles and Taipei.

Patrick James

May 1, 2014

Patrick James, Director of the USC Center for International Studies, discusses points raised by President Ma Ying-jeou during his video conference speech on April 9, 2014.

Stanley Rosen

May 1, 2014

Stanley Rosen, Professor of Political Science at USC, discusses points raised by President Ma Ying-jeou during his video conference speech on April 9, 2014.

Petraeus Discusses Foreign Relations

April 3, 2014

The retired four-star general and former CIA director, David Petraeus addressed the issues of economic challenges facing China and the U.S.-China relationship during a roundtable discussion at USC Price.

Video: Worsening Sino-Japan Relations: Implications for the US

April 2, 2014

Professor David Arase discusses Sino-Japan-US ties.

Interview with Geoff Dyer

March 17, 2014

Geoff Dyer discusses his new book, "The Contest of the Century," which is both an inside account of Beijing's new quest for influence and an explanation of how America can come out on top--an essential book for businessmen, politicians, financiers, and anyone interested in current world affairs.

Confucius Institutes - The Globalization of Chinese Soft Power

March 3, 2014

A panel discussion at the conference titled "A New Era in Cultural Diplomacy: Rising Soft Power in Emerging Markets."