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China as a global power

November 13, 2007

Dan Lynch and Shen Dingli discuss the pattern and importance of China's rise

Ping-pong melts Cold War rifts

September 27, 2007

World ping-pong champ visits USC, tells his story of unlikely sportsmanship in the '70s.

Pete Vanderveen Establishes Ties in Asia

July 11, 2007

USC School of Pharmacy dean speaks at the fourth National Conference on Pharmacy Education in Taiwan.

High Level Delegation From China Visits USC to Discuss Public Diplomacy

July 2, 2007

A private meeting was held with the delegation to discuss international public diplomacy and the upcoming Olympics in Beijing.

PT faculty help China prepare for 2008

July 2, 2007

Six USC faculty members, traveled to Beijing in January for a weeklong series of lectures and “hands-on” laboratories.

Delegates Discuss Aging in China

July 2, 2007

Visitors from the Chinese government’s chief division on aging policy review significant issues facing their country’s elders.

Freeman Foundation Funds New USC Internships in Asia

June 26, 2007

Eight-week summer internships in 2008 and 2009 are aimed at students who want to broaden their international education.

The Future of U.S.-China Relations Conference Photos, Set 1

June 4, 2007

Photos from USCI's inaugural conference held on April 20-21, 2007 at the USC Davidson Conference Center

U.S. should be working with, not against, China

June 1, 2007

In this op-ed essay, USC School of International Relations Professor and Pacific Council on International Policy President Geoffrey Garrett argues that the United States stands to gain from collaborating with China on trade and investment issues.

Incoming Annenberg Dean Speaks on China-Africa Relations

May 8, 2007

Ernest Wilson outlines the existing discussion about Chinese-African ties and advances a research agenda to enable policy-makers to act effectively.