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University of Colorado course opportunities for teachers

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University of Colorado course opportunities for teachers

Our National Consortium for Teaching about Asia partners at the University of Colorado are offering two courses and a film screening that may interest you.

Headwaters: China’s River Policies and Their Regional Impact. May 22 – June 26.  Application deadline: May 17. This course will explore China’s geographic advantage as the home to the headwaters of seven of Asia’s major rivers and will assess the implications of massive hydropower projects on energy, environmental, and human rights issues in the region.  Flyer and application.

The Mao Era Through Primary Sources. June 28 – August 2. Application deadline: June 10 or when course fills. This four-week, 12-hour course for secondary educators will examine classroom-friendly source material (documents, memoir, etc.) to consider Mao’s ideology and how it translated to the Chinese people through the Civil War (1945-49) period as well as the sociopolitical campaigns led by Mao from 1949-76. Course reading is light and the emphasis is on examining the source materials and discussing classroom strategies for their use.  Flyer and application.

House of Hummingbird (Korea, 2018).  Viewing window: Prior to June 29. Live discussion: June 29, 2021, 7-8:15 pm EDT. Application deadline: June 10 or when course fills. The 1990s in South Korea were marked by the Asian Financial Crisis, which bred new forms of socioeconomic malaise and exacerbated the problem of wealth inequality. This award-winning South Korean film reflects on the legacy of this decade through an understated coming-of-age story of a 14-year-old girl living in Gangnam, Seoul. Flyer and registration.