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Samurai: Japanese Armor at LACMA

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Samurai: Japanese Armor at LACMA

The fee is $25 to see the Samurai exhibit at LACMA. This may be too costly to take a class, but it is well worth it for any educator that teaches Japan time period 12th through 19th century to attend. The exhibit is amazing. There are several Samurai armor displayed along with helmets, masks, and a few weapons. You can take unlimited non-flash pictures to share with your students. However, the artwork and detail of the armor cannot justly be depicted in photos by a novice photographer like myself. It is difficult to take pictures without strangers reflecting off the glass or in the background, so you may consider going as soon as it opens so there might be less people. You have to see these items in person to appreciate the craftsmanship. Save $12 parking by going on Sundays when you don't have to pay the meters on Wilshire Blvd. The Samurai Armor is on display until February 1. Japanese swords along with other Japanese artifacts are on permanent display in the Pavilion for Japanese Art.