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Make Up Assignment #3

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Make Up Assignment #3

During my trip to China, I was able to visit many places. The Lama Temple was one of the most sacred places that I was able to visit. To begin with, I had never heard of the Lama Temple, until I heard it from Dr. Dube in class. I was very fortunate to have this background instilled in me before visiting this place. Upon entering the temple, we were given incense sticks to burn alongside the different temples that we were entering as we proceeded. There were many people visiting from various countries and many would bow their head several times while holding the sticks in their hands. Many people said prayers and gave their thanks to the different deities. The biggest indoor Buddha stood in the last temple and it was full of decorations and flowers. Many people lit up their incense sticks. I gave my thanks and gratitude because I felt very fortunate to be a part of this experience. The temples are nicely decorated with red doors and lions that protect the sacred grounds.