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Work Skills- High School Special Education

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Work Skills- High School Special Education

Chops and Hukou Residency Cards
· Name of the Lesson: Hukou and California IDs
· Grade Level: 9th -12th grade Special Education
· Overview and Purpose: I teach a Work Skills class to high school students who have deficits in the areas of social skills, self-advocacy, and basic transition skills.
· Educational Standard: ELA Standards, Reading Information Text, Grade 9, 1; Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
· Objectives: Students will read Chops and Hukou Residency Cards- Facts and Details, which gives information about Chinese stamps and Hukou Residency Cards. Students will understand why Chinese citizens need to have these and what areas of life they cover by making personal cards and designing their own Chop (stamp). Students will compare why a person would need one of these cards with The Californian ID Card. Students will present their Cards and Chop to the class.
· Materials needed: Chops and Hukou Residency Cards; California ID Information, card stock, cork, ink
· Lesson: This will be a multi-day lesson. With students in special education, it is difficult to give time limits on projects- sometimes students may need extended time.
Day 1- Students will brain storm and come up with the importance of having a California ID or Driver’s License. Guided reading- students will read the information about the Hukou Card and make comparisons with the California ID and why it is important to obtain and have.
Day 2- As a class, we will review from the day before and discuss the importance of the Hukou Card and why they will need a California ID or License. I will show pictures of different Hukou cards and pass out samples. Students will gather information that is needed for their Hukou Card and will use card stock to create their own.
Day 3- Students will review the importance of Hukou Cards and why every Chinese Citizen needs one. Students will design their own Chop on a separate piece of paper. Students will use a piece of cork and create their own Chop to stamp their Hukou Card.
Day 4- Students will present their Hukou Cards to the class and articulate why they chose the symbol on their Chop.
Assessment- Students will be graded using a standard rubric for this project. I also like to use what students have learned as we move forward and explore other topics. Another opportunity for students to demonstrate skills and knowledge in this area is by taking them on a field trip to the DMV and becoming familiar with the process of obtaining an appropriate identification for work and leisure.
Tracy VanCuren