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What is a Geisha?

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Antonette Pelaez
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What is a Geisha?

                                                              LESSON PLAN # 3 - Secondary Level



Subject/ Course: History
Grade: 9th
Time: 90 minutes
Topic/Key Question: What is a Geisha?

Name: Antonette Pelaez Date: Jan 14, 2022

Brief Description
A group discussion and presentation about Geisha in Japan.

Materials Needed (May vary depending on how students wish to present their group work)• Internet access
• Laptop computers
• Projector/ slides for lesson

• Students will identify what is a Geisha
• Students will research about what is the purpose of a Geisha
• Students will analyze the history of Geisha culture in Japan
• Students will orally present information using appropriate technology

Lesson Plan

  • Form small groups of students (3-5 per group).

  • Students brainstorm and research to find out what they know about the history and

    culture of Geisha

  • Students create a script from which each member of the group is able to present the

    topic, ask questions and feedback. Teacher’s Note

    • Ask students to collect responses so that they can reflect at the end of the experience.


    • Students communication amongst group members• Students reflect on creative process

    • Observe participation of students and engagement with peers in group work