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Sharing Cultures through Poetry and Music

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Brigid Schmidt
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Sharing Cultures through Poetry and Music

A rationale for the proposed unit: This group of lessons was compilied together to blend cross-curricular elements from 6th grade History and 6th grade English. The students will use the knowledge they gained from their History class and apply it to the figurative language and poetry they are learning. The element of listening to music will help in connecting the students to the time period and cultures they are working with. Additionally, music can be used to help the focus of the students. This hands-on approach will aim to bring about more emotion in the students’ work.

*I practiced this group of lessons with a small group I have been teaching for the past 2 months. I modified it a little because there are only 6 students in the group. I divided them into 2 groups of 3 for the independent practice. I have attached the pages with the work the small groups did. I will probably use those as examples for my whole class lesson later in the semester. The poetry turned out really lovely and the students said listening to the music made them feel like they were in China about to travel the Silk Road.