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Lunanr New Year/Chinese Zodiac Signs lesson

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Helen Kang
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Lunanr New Year/Chinese Zodiac Signs lesson

For the Lunar New Year, I do this activity with my students where they learn about the 12 chinese zodiac signs and students identify their birth year and animal, and learn typical characteristics about them and they can try and analyse if they identify somewhat to their zodiac animal traits.

After learning about the zodiac signs, they enjoy a time of craft when the cut and fold the paper template and glue it into a ball, which are then used to provide decorations around the classroom hanging them by taping on a piece of string. - Zodiac Story link to You Tube

Tiffany Chang
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Chinese Zodiac

Thank you for sharing this lesson plan! I enjoy seeing cultural lessons integrated with some sort of project that can help students make a connection as well as be a memorable hands on project. When Lunar New Year came around this year, I went over a language arts lesson that involved the history of the zodiac. The PDF I attached is a quick summary comparing western and and Chinese new year traditions. Since it is the year of the boar, my students read In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson as well. We had multiple discussions during our reading about how Shirley Temple Wong, the main character, had to adjust to a new life in the US compared to her old life in China.