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Lesson for use with Prentice Hall World Geography Text

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Lesson for use with Prentice Hall World Geography Text

Prentice Hall World Geography Building a Global Perspective- Use with Unit 10
1. The rational for this lesson is to incorporate some primary source and videos into the world geography course work and fortify the content. This lesson fits into Unit 10 of our world geography course. Our school has adopted Prentice Hall's World Geography, "Building a Global Perspective". The skills that the student will have by the time they get to this unit are knowledge of the five themes of Geography which are location, place, human-environment interaction, movement and regions.
Section 1- The Emergence of Modern China
*Outline Mao's programs for building a Communist state in China
*Identify the Four Modernizations
*Describe the Chinese government's response to the 1989 democracy protests.

As there are no California standards for world geography, I listed the national standards.*

National Geography Standards * Attached at the bottom of document
[font=Times]Human Systems[/font]
[font=Times]11. The patterns and networks of economic interdependence on earth's surface
12. The processes, patterns, and functions of human settlement
13. How the forces of cooperation and conflict among people influence the division and control of earth's surface[/font]
[font=Times]The Uses of Geography[/font][font=Times]
17. How to apply geography to interpret the past[/font]
[font=Times] [/font]
[font=Times]Students homework assignment was to read Chapter 31 lesson one before today's class. [/font]
Day 1 (This will probably be a two day lesson.)
Bell Work (work students do while you are taking roll: (5 mins)
Write on the board
Write a paragraph telling everything you know about Confucius.
Have students share what they know about Confucius (5 min)

Show video of Confucian teaching on Filial Piety. (2min)

Lecture a bit about Confucianism and how it impacted Chinese thought.
Confucius was a Chinese philosopher whose ideas deeply influenced Chinese culture. People should respect and obey those in authority, such as parents, government leaders, and teachers. This Filial Piety certainly extends to government leaders
Ask students if they think that it would be difficult or easy to change a society based on this teaching. Why? (10 Minutes)

Show this quick video clip on the Long march (1Min)

Write on the board
Great Leap Forward
Cultural Revolution
Four Modernizations
followed by the words who, what, where, when and why. This could be a great group activity.
Break students into groups and have them suggest questions beginning with each of these words for each program.
Give examples. What was the Great Leap Forward? Who was responsible for the Cultural Revolution? Why did China need to modernize? Etc.
Then have them use their texts to write answers. Prentice Hall World Geography Ch 31 Section 1. (15 minutes)

Have the Great leap forward group present their findings.
After they finish, show video.

Great Leap Forward Video (6mins)

Complete section one and two guided reading and reviews. Study China map on page 610

Day 2
Bell Work - have primary source document on their desk as they arrive. (5 minutes)
Primary Source Document- QUOTATIONS FROM CHAIRMAN MAO ON BEING A COMMUNIST IN CHINA (1937-1938) Answer Questions provided.
Discuss Bell Work. (7 minutes)
Turn in section 1 and 2 guided reading and reviews

Have the Cultural Revolution group present their findings.
Cultural Revolution video

(17 Minutes)

Have the Cultural Revolution group present their findings
Four Modernizations Video
Start at 5 minute mark. (25 minutes)

Homework- Use chapter 31 as a guide
Outline Mao's programs for building a Communist state in China
Identify the Four Modernizations and discuss their effectiveness.
Describe the Chinese government's response to the 1989 democracy protests.
Study China map on page 610. Map test tomorrow.

Day 3
Bell work-
Complete chapter 31 map test.

Some were calling for "The fifth modernization" Democracy

Tiananmen Square Video

Tank Man

Put students into three groups and give each group one of the objective questions.
Tell them they have 15 minutes to write their answers. Use chapter 31 to answer the questions.
1. Outline Mao's programs for building a Communist state in China
2. Identify the Four Modernizations
3. Describe the Chinese government's response to the 1989 democracy protests.

Have a spokesperson for each group present their answer.
Tell other students to take notes, as these questions will be on their test.

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