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Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is based on Japanese culture and language. See:

  • Lesson Plan

  • Katakana Chart for Language Work

  • Foldable Work Sample

  • Written Story on the transformation of Tokyo after monster destruction.





6th Grade

King of the Monsters:

Tokyo Before and After


White Paper

Writing Paper

Colored Pencils

Katakana Sheet



Japanese Culture and Architecture




Foreign Culture

Stage 1-1.3

Identity Cultural


Q) What cultural ideas has the US borrowed from Japan?

a) Anime, Godzilla,

J-Pop, Video Games


Q) How would you describe Japanese architecture?

a) Fancy, Curved Roofs,

Big Castles


Show architecture from Tokyo post WWII-1970s


Famous Japanese Monsters Destroying Tokyo


Modern Tokyo architecture



Q) Did this change your ideas on Japanese architecture?

a) No, More modern,



Q) Movie monsters destroyed Tokyo many times.

If this were true, would Tokyo, after rebuilding,

be a mess, or modern like it actually is?

a)Modern, Destroyed

Assignment I:

Create a 3 Frame Foldable of: Old Tokyo,

Your monster destroying it,

and new modern Tokyo

Drawing: (See Example)

Assignment II:


Foreign Language,

Stage 1-1.6, Communication,

Written and Verbal

Name Your Monster Using Roman Letters

and in Katakana. (Using the Katakana Chart)

(See Katakana Sheet)


Write Your Full Name in Roman Letters and Katakana

on the Back of your Foldable.


Assignment III:

Standard: ELA


Write an essay about your monster attacking Tokyo.

Tokyo defeating the monster and rebuilding into a

beautiful modern city.



Slides from PowerPoint




Student Sample

Lastly, the student would write about their monster and how Tokyo is transformed after the destruction.