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Curriculum Project-The Silk Road & Buddhism

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Juana Evink
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Curriculum Project-The Silk Road & Buddhism

Juana Evink

Crossing Boundaries in East Asia

Curriculum Lesson Project

Summer 2020


Day 1 The Rise of Buddhism

Content Standards: 6.6 Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the early civilizations of China.


Lesson rationale:The purpose of this 3 day lesson is to have students compare the rise of Buddhism in India and China, the experiences and how the Silk Road helped the spread to East Asia. This lesson will be presented after the unit on Ancient India had introduced Buddhism.  Day 1  Do Now, is intended for the students to review the origins of Buddhism by reading the biography of the Buddha. Then they will review the rise of Buddhismm in India in order  to be able to compare it to China’s experiences. Then on day 2, they analyze a silk Road Map, and on day 3 they write a short paragraph response to, “How do the rise of Buddhism in Ancient India compare to China?


Objective:Students will about the  rise of Buddhism in Ancient India and China, to complete a compare and contrast graphic organizer.


Do Now: Read the biography of the Buddha pg 264, and answer the question on Schoology discussion.



Input: Impact: World History & Geography, pgs 264-65 “The Rise of Buddhism,” and “Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience 3rd edition, by Donald  W Mitchell, Ch 7 pgs 222-224, “The Chinese  Experiences with Buddhism.”



Guided Practice:Students will work in small groups of 3 to compare and contrast the Chinese (Right) and Indian (Left) Buddhism.



Exit Ticket:


3 Things that you learned today


2 Questions that you still have


1 Idea that stuck with you



Day 2: The Silk Road and Buddhism

Objective: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the Silk Road and the Spread of Buddhism by watching a video,and analyzing a map.


Do Now: Watch the Youtube video, “The Story of the Silk Road” 3:32 min.

Answer on Schoology discussion:How did the Silk Road facilitate the spread of goods, ideas, and Buddhism?


Input: Students will analyze a Silk Road map of the northern and eastern spread of Buddhism.



Guided Practice: Students will use  a worksheet titled, “Silk Road Analysis,” to analyze the map above.

Silk Map Analysis Worksheet

  1. Understanding the map

List information about the map by using the table below:


Title of the map:


Date of the map:





  1.  Content and Context Analysis

  1. Why was this map drawn?


  1. What evidence is contained in the map  to support your answer above?


  1. According to the map, in what direction did Buddhism spread in the 12th century?


  1. Based on the Silk Road map, do you think trade routes made it easier or harder to spread Buddhism across Asia? Why?


   3. Discussion points

  a.How might this map have been useful for people in the past? How and why it might be used today?

  B. What geographical features might help travelers across the Silk road?


Exit Ticket:

On Schoology discussion answer: How did the spread of Buddhism benefited from the Silk Road?


Day 3:

Objective: Students will use the RACES graphic organizer to write a paragraph on the spread of Buddhism in China and the Silk road.


Do Now:

Schoology discussion:

List some ways the Silk Road helped spread Buddhism.


Input: Students will complete the RACES graphic organizer as a brainstorm activity before writing their final paragraph version.


Guided Practice: Students will use their compare and contrast graphic organizer, the video from day 1, and the Silk road map analysis worksheet  to complete the RCEAS graphic organizer and write their paragraph.


RACES Writing Frame

Question: What role did the Silk Road play in the spread of Buddhism in China?



Introduce the topic.


R & A

Restate the question (flip the question) then Answer it.



Cite evidence from the text.

According to the text,

The author wrote,

In the text (doc #) it says,

On page _ it says,



Explain why/how the evidence supports your answer.

This shows,

This quote shows,

The evidence shows,



Restate the introduction using different words.


In conclusion,

To sum up,



Write Paragraph:


Exit Ticket:Could Buddhism have spread so fast without the Silk Road? Explain