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Chinese Contemporary Art

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Jennifer Place
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Chinese Contemporary Art

  Middle and High School Students

  Goal:  Develop a knowledge base of contemporary Chinese artists in preparation for trip to 798 Art Zone in China.

  Essential Questions: 

          1.)  How is contemporary Chinese art different/same as traditional Chinese art?

          2.)  How do artists become part of a major art district such as 798?

          3.)  In what ways are artists at risk when they freely express themselves and their opinions/beliefs via visual arts?

Students may work in pairs or groups of three and will present their findings to the class.

Resources:  Any website of Chinese Art Museums. 

                  Contemporary Chinese Art:  1970s to 2000s.  Wu Hung   Thames & Hudson, 2014

Step 1:  Show a brief series of images that represent a variety of traditional and contemporary Chinese art.  Initiate discussions regarding what students noticed in the examples.  Discuss first with a neighbor, then as a whole class.

Step 2:  Students write questions based upon what they would like to learn.

Step 3:  Students search for names of artists currently in residence at 798 Zone.

Step 4:  Research chosen artist's background and their art, including media choice and techniques.

Step 5:  Determine whether or not there are connections to traditional arts of China.

Step 6:  If possible create a small original art work in artist's style.

Step 7:  Create a presentation and share with class.