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Chinese calligraphy (for beginning Chinese learner

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Chinese calligraphy (for beginning Chinese learner

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Chinese calligraphy

Learning Objectives:
Students will learn the basic rules of stoke order.
Students will learn the main structures of Chinese characters.
(Elementary level Mandarin immersion curriculum. No CA standards)

Class lecture:
Problem #1: How to write characters with “top and bottom” structure?
Example: 只, 字, 是
Rules applied: From top to the bottom. For each stoke, always write from left to right.

Problem #2: How to write characters with “left and right” structure?
Example: 你, 她, 玩
Rules applied: From left to right.

Problem #3: How to write characters with “inside and outside” structure?
Example: 回, 国, 日
Rules applied: Enclosures before contents

Problem #4: How to write characters with horizontal and vertical strokes crossed?
Example: 十, 草, 车
Rules applied: Horizontal before vertical

Activities: Students get into groups and pick one of the following activities.

Activity #1: Create a song to help other students remember the stoke orders. Contain at least six structures.

Activity #2: Using available Chinese calligraphy examples or look up other Chinese calligraphy. Prepare a presentation to explain why we need to follow the rules from more than one perspective. Give specific evidences to support your ideas.

Activity #3: Use brush pens and make a poster to explain the rules of stock orders for other classes in school.

Assessments: Students present their products in the activities.