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China's Geography and The Hokou System

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Aleida Rojas
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China's Geography and The Hokou System
Lesson 1: China's Geography

The first lesson that I created is about China's geography. I want my students to know where China is located on a map and I also want my students to know which nations border China. The Inquiry question for this lesson is: How does China's geography benefits or hurts China's economy? 

I have added a short video explaining the different regions of China and the most important geographic features. I also included an interactive map website that allows students to see these features. 

My second Lesson will actually last two days. This lesson is about the Hokou System. I have included a shor film that talks about the history of the Hokou System, the reading handout that we used in this forum, and two more short videos that show the impact of The Hokou System on today's society. 

The reading will be divided into sections and students will tackle different sections in groups of two's. I plan on facilitating a group discussion in which students share their findings with the rest of their classmates.

My students will use this information to write a CER, a paragragh with a claim, four pieces of evidence, and a reasoning explaining the effect that the Hokou System had on China's society and on its economy.

I was planning on teaching these lessons when I cover the Chinese Revolution, but unfortunately, schools accross california have closed their doors. I hope that I get to teach these lessons next year.