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3 Days of Lesson Plans: Imperial China to 1989

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3 Days of Lesson Plans: Imperial China to 1989


Full GoogleDrive Lesson:

Objective: Students will gain a better understanding of life in China under Mao Zedong during the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. Students will also gain a better understanding of the goals of the 1989 Revolts in Tiananmen and the political climate of communism in China today.

CA Standards: 10.9 Students analyze the international developments in the post-World World War II world.

10.9.4 Analyze the Chinese Civil War, the rise of Mao Tse-tung, and the subsequent

political and economic upheavals in China (e.g., the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural

Revolution, and the Tiananmen Square uprising).

Common Core Standards: Grade 10

-Write an argument to support claims with valid and relevant evidence

-Engage in a range of collaborative discussions

-Listen to lecture and video to participate in written reflection and discussion


Day 1) Lesson #1 Fall of Imperial China and the Rise of Mao Zedong

-Daily Question: Who was the communist leader of China that rose to power in the 1930s?

-Lecture: Imperial China to the Rise of Mao  (inc. images from Study Tour, museum)


-Crash Course Video: Communism in China


-Pair Share Discussion:

-Reflection: Personality Cult Comparison

Question: In what ways were other Dictators like Stalin, Hitler, or Mussolini similar to or different from Mao Zedong?

-Use Totalitarian Dictator Chart for Review on Drive:

*HW: Reference Lectures on other Dictators: GoogleDrive available for students

Day 1) Lesson #2   Japanese Attacks on Manchuria and Nanjing

Examples of atrocities of war (from museum visit)



Day 2) Cultural Revolution vs the Great Leap Forward

-Daily Question: What program under Mao Zedong was primarily focused on moving

agriculture and industry forward in China?

-Mini Discussion: Mao Badges, Red Books, Propaganda (items from Study Tour)

-Group Activity: Image Analysis of the Great Leap Forward vs. the Cultural Revolution

-Group Discussion of each image

  --Students will complete a Chart of people involved, goals of each program, and the outcome

*HW: Articles for Follow-up: on GoogleDrive available to students



Day 3) Protests in China: Tiananmen Square 1989

-Daily Question: What was the purpose of the revolt in Tiananmen Square China in 1989?

-Lecture: 1989 Revolt in Tiananmen Square (images from Study Tour)


-Video Clip: Documentary; Assignment China: Tiananmen Square (start at 59 min-end)

(show propaganda poster from Kunming--same as shown in minute 43:29)

-Reflection: Discuss and Write a comparison reflection on the similarities and

differences to the 1989 Revolts occurring in former Soviet satellite nations.

*HW: Video Clips for Reference: on GoogleDrive available to students

-1989 Revolts Video Clips: worldwide (from previous lesson in class)

-1989: Tiananmen Square- Full Documentary

-Articles for Further Reading:  Tiananmen Square, Then and Now