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Virtual Tours

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Molly Cowan-Johnson
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Virtual Tours

I love to travel so one of the things I love to incorporate into my class is virtual tours. I especially like to incorporate them when we discuss places that most students are unfamiliar with. One tour I use is this one of the Forbidden City:

You visit has some that are pretty cool like the one of Machu Picchu ( )

We use it when discussing the Age of Exploration in my Modern World History class.

This is a great one for the Taj Mahal ( ) but they also have MANY that are awesome. Some that could be used in a history course like mine or others like the Rice Terraces, Yunnan province, China could be used to discuss agriculture in World Geography. I like these because students can manipulate it and look around which is more engaging than just a video.

These are good exploratory activities for students to engage with in a more interactive way. In my World History class that is a survey course, part of my job, I feel, is just exposing them to different things out there in the world and these virtual tours are a fun way to do that where the students get to interact with the place.