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The Way Home

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The Way Home

This Korean movie about a boy who is being taken care of temporarily by his mute grandmother was heart warming. Although it was a simple movie as far as cinematography and minimal dialogue among characters, I was thoroughly entertained. I thought it would be hard at first to be able to connect the grandmother since she not only could not talk, but she kept the same gentle facial expression the whole film, neither smiling or frowning at any given moment.

However, her actions spoke louder than words when it came to softening the edges around her disobedient grandson. Through expressions of love and kindness, she broke through to her grandson that at first treated both her and his mother disrespectfully at the beginning of the film. By the second half of the movie, the boy realized there was more to life than video games, fried chicken, soda, and pizza and being just plain selfish through the help of his grandmother, a neighbor boy, and his girl "crush."

At some points, it was comical how he changed from an ungrateful, aggressive boy into a respectful, understanding, lovable one. This film definitely reminded me of the unconditional love my own grandmother gave me when I was not acting so lovable during some of my selfish bouts in childhood! I would recommend parts of this movie for both upper elementary students as well as junior high students.
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