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Turning Red

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Turning Red

Turning red is the lastest Aisan-themed Moive I watched. As a teacher, I may use some part of the film in my classroom to discuss about Asian people's perspectives about exams and grades.

In the film, the main character, Mei Lee, wants to be a straight students. It is not her motivation to be a top student but her mother pushes her a lot. It is common in China and some of the Chinese families in the United States. Nowadays, Chinese parents even push their kids to be aced at not only academic grades but in art areas too. Some crazy parents send their kids to a variety of after-classes in order to pass certain national levels. What they talk about is what level you kid is studying not how you kid is enjoying the classes. 

I may also use it with another short clip Bao to talk about dumplings and respect. In a long time, Baozi, Jiaozi, and Zongzi are called dumplings in English speaking countries. Dumplings cooked in different ways have different unrelated names. For example, the fried dumplings are called pot stickers. It is making confusion. I may have a lesson on respect to my students repect each others names by saying their names as how their parents do.