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One Child Nation (2019)

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One Child Nation (2019)

This powerful documentary explores China’s “One-Child Policy” between the 80s and early 2000s that, according to one statistic mentioned in the movie, prevented up to 300 million births. There’s many themes to explore when watching this documentary. I see it as a powerful example of women’s rights, especially with their bodies, within the last few decades across the globe. This movie would be great to show at the end of the year when exploring modern themes to nation building (California Content Standard 10.10.2 -  2. Describe the recent history of the regions, including political divisions and systems, key leaders, religious issues, natural features, resources, and population patterns.)

There were moments that made it difficult to watch including images of fetuses and gruesome accounts. I’d have to get parent and school permission, in addition to leaving some scenes out. I find the powerful moments when Wang shares her story as a girl born into this era as she’s entering motherhood herself. This movie also relates to the growing “surveillance” state of China as the country practiced harsh and aggressive tactics when enforcing the one-child policy including destroying homes.