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Ip Man 2

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Ip Man 2

Ip man 2 is an amazing movie filled with lots of martial arts and action. Last semester I submitted a review of Ip Man 1. In this movie he was fighting the Japanese during the war. He helped overtake them and gain back China. In Ip Man 2 the big showdown is between China and the British which had occupied Hong Kong. It is set in 1949. The “bad guy” in this is representing the British with a boxer called “The Twister”. The boxer represents the British force. The fighting of Ip Man was of the Wing Chun School. The boxer of course uses only his hands, however Ip Man uses feet, hands and martial arts moves. At one point during the fight however the referee does not allow any kicking. Of course this favors the boxer. Ip Man is still a family man with a second child on the way in this story. Another cool thing is Bruce Lee coming in at the end of the movie at the age of 5. Great movie to show in a history class when you are teaching about British rule in Hong Kong.