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i am not madame bovary -- feng xiaogang

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i am not madame bovary -- feng xiaogang

Feng Xiaogang is one of the most successful Chinese directors of all time. He's made a great variety of films and his latest is quite provocative. It stars Fan Bingbing, an extremely talented actor, and looks at an odd aspect of China's economy and government. It won top prizes at the Toronto International Film Festival and the San Sebastian festival. But it ran into release troubles in China due to censorship squabbles. It still had a big opening, but Feng complained that Wanda cinemas were dropping the film because of Wanda's rivalry with Huayi Brothers, the firm that produced I Am Not Madame Bovary.

If you're looking for something that you've not seen before, give this a try. Feng's occasionally shot the film as though you were looking through a round window in one of China's gardens. It explores what people will do for property, for love, and for justice.

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