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Film Review IP Man, IP Man 2, IP Man 3, IP Man 4 (Netflix)

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Film Review IP Man, IP Man 2, IP Man 3, IP Man 4 (Netflix)

I would recommend the "IP Man" franchise for students. Of the four movies, the first one is the best as it covers the life of IP Wing Chun master, Chinese rural communities Fou Sho, the invasion of the Japanes Army in WWII.

The first IP Man movie is more character driven. It is based on the true story of how IP brought the Wing Chung style of fighting to China and the Chinese community worldwide as a discipline. IP's character is that of a wise old soul, who even at a young age, would not fight unless it was absolutely necessary. In that regard, IP became a diplomat ambassador of sorts.

One could watch this in order for those who like continuity, but the reason it is recommended for students is that it delves into the everyday life of a Chinese family and its community. In reality, students could watch "IP Man" , the last 45 minutes of "IP Man 3" and "IP Man 4"

The fight scenes represent the overall struggle against ignorance and racism as can be seen in IP Man 4, as well as the indelible, resilient character of the Chinese spirit. As one character quoted,

"We are Chinese. We don't give up."