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Film Fest

Netflix film festival

I decided to do a personal Film Fest, because who doesn't like binge watching great or not so great films. There was a movie I wanted to use but I was unable to locate the film which I had come across shortly after I left Korea. So I choose the films below.

1 Marco Polo (mini Series)
Of course I had to watch this one after the discussion we had in class about the white washing of history and the impact Marco Polo played on the introduction of the Chinese culture on the rest of the world. It’s 28 minutes, it began with a warrior praying followed by a fight scene, an appearance by the great Khan, for far everything makes sense except I don’t know who the warrior is they refer to as Monk and his purpose.

2 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Sword of Destiny (Movie)
Picked up where the original left off. It looked at the Samurai and the idea of honor, loyalty, love loss and mystical powers. The purpose of the sword was to protect the Jade sword, which symbolically, needed to remain in the hands of the ruling order and protect the Forbidden City.
This caused strife between those who wanted the sword or wanted revenge on the past Emperor and lead them to attack the Forbidden City and kill the Emperor.

3 China’s Forbidden City (documentary)
Done in a first hand presentation account, following the erection of the Forbidden City after the Mongols were expelled as rulers of China after 100 years. This documentary explained in two parts the history of the end of the Empire, Eunuchs their role with in the empire, the master builder and the last dynasty to rule before the British invasion. It was far easier to follow and know what was happening in the recounting of history because of the previous lessons.

4 Ali Wong: Baby Cobra ( Stand Up)

Just funny, she is a writer on Fresh off the Boat.
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Message from jtang

Great idea! A personal film fest!

I recently watched Ali Wong:Baby Cobra and some of it was quite hilarious. A lot of her Asian culture related material - I can definitely relate to. Although I felt that some of her material was ok- perhaps her demeanor was a bit extreme on some parts. Overall, it was worth watching