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Crossing Boundaries - Train to Busan

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Tom Mueller
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Crossing Boundaries - Train to Busan

In the Two Koreas seminar, the movie Train to Busan was discussed.  However I reviewed the JSA movie instead.  For the Crossing Boundaries seminar, I decided this would be a great movie to review, especially since it is about zombies.  One of the things I want students to realize in my class is that they can find similarities between people down the road or across the world. I believe this is important for them to be better global citizens.  Most of my students are very interested in zombies, so I thought it would be a good choice.  The movie centers on Seok-woo and his daughter Su-an as they board a train.  A sick woman boards the train and becomes a zombie. The movie is not only about zombies, but about humans’ reaction to extreme conditions as the passengers fight to get to safety. Some of the passengers act very selfishly, but as the ordeal continues we see the passengers working together and in fact sometimes sacrificing themselves for the others.  The father who is a workaholic has also changed and ends up sacrificing himself to save the rest of the passengers including his daughter.  This movie not only has zombies but has the classic themes of working together and scarifying for others.  I think it would really make a connection with my students.