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Tibet in Crisis? A Conversation on the State of Tibetan Human Rights and Sino-Tibetan Affairs

GW Amnesty International presents: Tibet in Crisis? A conversation on the state of Tibetan human rights and Sino-Tibetan affairs.

April 24, 2014 7:00pm to 8:30pm

After a short BBC documentary, our panel will hold a discussion about the current political situation in the TAR and state of Sino-Tibetan affairs. The panelists will discuss the ongoing impact of the political situation on the human rights of Tibetans in China and surrounding areas; Chinese state approach to policy and governance in the region; the Tibetan exile government's response and engagement in the situation; the role of the international community and of the Tibetan diaspora; approaches being taken to protect the human rights of Tibetans. There will be Q&A after the panel, as well as a special piano performance by contemporary Tibetan musician Ngawang Samphel. 

Featured Panelists:

Bhuchung K Tsering, Vice President of International Campaign for Tibet
Losang Gyatso, Head of the Voice of America Tibetan Service and Co-founder/artist at Mechak Gallery
Harry Wu, Executive Director of the Laogai Foundation and the Laogai Museum 
Anne-Marie Brady, Fellow at the Wilson Center's Kissinger Institute on China and the United States, and Professor in Political Science at the University of Canterbury

Moderator: Nima R. T. Binara                                                                                                                    


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