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Useless (Wu Yong)

A part of the 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival

June 22, 2008 12:00am to June 23, 2008 12:00am
Wu Yong

International Showcase

(China, 2007, 81 mins)

In English and Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanxi, and French with English subtitles

HD-CAM (23.97)
Directed By: Jia Zhang-Ke
Producers: Yu Likwai, Zhao Tao
Executive Producers: Chow Keung, Mao Jihong, Kang Jianmin
Cinematographers: Yu Likwai, Jia Zhang-Ke
Editor: Zhang Jia
Music: Lim Qiong
Featuring: Ma Ke

Jia Zhang-ke's beguiling new documentary is as deftly and delicately constructed as the handmade clothes that are its subject. Centering on Chinese fashion designer Ma Ke and her clothing line Wu Yong (literally “useless”), Jia weaves in rich digressions that highlight the shift in China from artisanal to industrial production. Ma Ke's debut at Paris' Fashion Week is juxtaposed with scenes of small-town tailors eking out a few yuan by mending pants and exhausted textile workers visiting the doctor on a lunch break. Through it all, Jia's constantly gliding camera converts the mundane to the beautiful.

Screening Schedule

Sunday, June 22nd 7:00pm
The Landmark

Monday, June 23rd 9:30pm
The Regent

For ticketing information please phone 1-866-345-6337 or email


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