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Han Dynasty in Chinese and Global History

China Institute presents a professional development workshop on the significance of the Han Dynasty in Chinese history and culture through a close examination of some key issues and documents.

April 21, 2017 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Join China Institute on Friday, April 21, for a professional development workshop. This content-based professional development workshop will discuss the significance of the Han Dynasty in Chinese history and culture through a close examination of some key issues and documents, and explore these issues in a global context. Presented in conjunction with the upcoming China Institute Gallery exhibition, Dreams of the Kings: A Jade Suit for Eternity (楚王梦: 玉衣与永生), the purpose is to provide the workshop participants a deeper understanding of the Han Dynasty and its connection with the world. Additional reading and resources for K-12 educators will be provided.
All participants will receive a professional development certificate jointly issued by NYS Language RBE-RN at NYU and China Institute upon successful completion of the course.
Speaker: YU Renqiu is Professor of History and Director of Asian Studies Program at Purchase College, State University of New York. Professor Yu has published many articles and book reviews on Chinese history and Chinese American history in professional journals. At Purchase College, he has taught the courses Traditional China and China in the Modern Age for the past 25 years. Professor Yu has been engaged in academic exchanges with Chinese faculty and students at Sun Yat-sen University and other Chinese universities for over 20 years. His Chinese-language critical essays and reviews have been published in Shu Cheng and Shanghai Shuping (Shanghai) and other magazines and newspapers.
This workshop is presented by Confucius Institute at China Institute in collaboration with the New York University Project Developing Chinese Language Teachers (DCLT) and the NYS Statewide Language Regional Bilingual Educational Resource Network (RBE-RN) at NYU.
For questions or to register by phone, please contact Lin Yongqiang at 212-744-8181 ext. 141 or by email at
Phone Number: 
212-744-8181 ext. 141


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